Chuda Tamihei 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 402 
Parents: Chuda Choro 
Siblings: Chuda Shinobu 
Titles: Snake Clan Champion

Chuda Tamihei was the great-grandson of Isawa Chuda and son of Chuda Choro. He succumbed to the temptation of the spirit haunting his homelands and unleashed the dreaded Shuten Doji which lead to the Five Nights of Shame and the destruction of the Snake Clan. [1]

Corruption Edit

When Tamihei's father became ill, he did everything in his power to help him, but nothing worked. He said half a prayer out of fear his father would die, out of regret he could do nothing, and out of desire to be a powerful shugenja. Frustrated, he wounded an eta with his sword. With these actions, he gained the attention of a Shuten Doji haunting the Dragon Heart Plain. Every month, the Shuten Doji would offer him something; power, love, wealth, or forgiveness, in hopes Tamihei would finish the prayer, but Tamihei resisted. Seven years later, Choro summoned Tamihei and asked to be granted peace and mercy. It was then Tamihei finally gave into the Shuten Doji. For seven days, he studied with it in a cave and when he returned his father was dead. [2] It was the yer 401. [3] He swore to use his powers to become immortal and bring his father back to life. His sister, Chuda Shinobu volunteered to be sacrificed to bring back their father. When he had killed her, he began spreading Regret's possession. Everyone who heard his voice, or the voice of anyone possessed, became part of his and the Shuten Doji's spirit. Soon, the whole Snake Clan was under the control of the Shuten Doji, [2] in 402. [3]

Five Nights of Shame Edit

On the morning Tamihei gained control of the Snake Clan, a temple bell was rung by a young deaf boy after he received the hammer from an unknown woman, possibly Jizo, the Fortune of mercy. The Council of Five heard the bell and when the Master of Water scried a frozen pond, the Isawa family learned that they had been possessed by a Shuten Doji. [2]

The forces of the Phoenix Clan descended on the Dragon Heart Plain in a wave of death attacking Shiro Chuda at night when the Shuten Doji roamed the castle and after the Five Nights of Shame the Snake Clan was destroyed. [4]

Death Edit

Tamihei was killed in the attack. [3]

Preceded by:
Chuda Choro
Snake Clan Champion
401 - 402
Succeeded by:


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