Chuda Shuzo 
Chuda Shuzo 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown

Chuda Shuzo was a shugenja of the Spider Clan.

Oni summoner Edit

Shuzo summoned Maseru no Oni. [1]

Investigating the plague Edit

In 1171 Shuzo arrived to the Scorpion village of Abira, which had been striken by the plague. Daigotsu Takayasu and Michio killed the Scorpion samurai there and the shugenja investigated the plague and its effects. Shuzo realized he could not convert the zombies created by the plague nor could he cure the areas of plague. [2]

Fingers of Bone Edit

Shuzo lived in the new holding the Spider had built, the Fingers of Bone, where he met his associate Daigotsu Gyoken. [3]

Ambitious Edit

Shuzo was an ambitious man, and Gyoken warned him to trepass the Daigotsu's private tower, or he would face the same fate than Tsanru. [3]

Death Edit

Shuzo died before the end of the Destroyer War. [4]

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