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RPG Information, Snake School Edit

Chuda Shugenja (Perception +1)

All members of the Chuda Shugenja school have compulsion to study Maho. [1] The Chuda magical style originally emphasized water magic, the type practiced by Snake Clan founder Isawa Chuda. [2]

RPG Information, Shadowlands School Edit

Chuda Shugenja (Stamina +1)

At some point over the centuries the style has shifted to embrace earth. [2] They possessed an Affinity for maho spells and a Deficiency for Air. [3]

RPG Information, Spider School Edit

Chuda Shugenja (Willpower +1)

Although they have not abandoned Elemental magic altogether, their gift for maho far surpasses anything else at their command, possessing an affinity for maho spells. [4] Their techniques permitted them to conceal the corrupted nature of their magic, and to mitigate the rate at which they acquire the Taint. [5]


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