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Chuda Masaru

Chuda Masaru

Chuda Masaru was a Bloodspeaker and Shadowlands shugenja.

Third Rise of Iuchiban Edit

When in 1165 Iuchiban defeated Daigotsu Masaru came to serve him. He quickly realized that Yajinden, servant of the Heartless, was also a powerful bloodspeaker to be respected and feared. [1]

Ruins of Otosan Uchi Edit

Bloodspeaker Plan Edit

This year Seppun Jin sought to connect Jigoku with the Mortal Realm using the portal to Jigoku that Daigotsu had opened in 1159 in the actually ruined Imperial Palace. Chuda Masaru would aid him to prepare a ritual in the destroyed Imperial Throne room, and they would use their forces to destroy any who would interfere the ritual. [2]

Portal opens Edit

With obsidian they opened the portal [2] and more than thirty oni were summoned wrecking havoc in the city. [3] The ritual had not been finalized, what was opened could be closed again. Jin and Masaru endured with another long ritual that would remain open the gate forever. [2]

Battle Edit

The Shadowlands forces fought the ronin Otokodate Sword of Yotsu and a Lion expedition led by Matsu Aoiko, [3] who were cornered by Voitagi's troops in the Deathseeker's Shrine. Masaru and Jin had been working during three days in the maho ritual, but it still was not completed. Jin sensed the arrival of Lion reinforcements from sea, and he was reported of the death of his warrior leader Voitagi. To avoid their doom, Jin and Masaru fled from the Battle in the Ruined City. Their oni were defeated, but what they had learned from their summoning remained theirs, a lesson learned to use another time. [2]

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