Chuda Isoruko

Chuda Isoruko

Chuda Isoruko was a bloodspeaker shugenja of the Shadowlands.

Binding Spirits Edit

A Toritaka taught Isoruko the secrets of spirit summoning and banishment. [1]

Time of Demons Edit

A subtle civil war between the Demons of Jigoku and the Lost, human followers of Bushido already had escalated in an open war, the Time of Demons had come. In 1168 a horde of oni marched to destroy the Emperor Toturi III in the Battle of the Tomb. The Rokugani were supported by an army of Lost, which had Isoruko between their ranks. [2]

Yojireru and Chitik Edit

In the battle Isoruko requested a Nezumi Shaman Chitik to steal the name of a gigantic oni, Yojireru no Oni, but the demon had an incredibly strong Name. While the nezumi was spiritually connected with the oni, Isoruko took advantage of it and struck Chitik down, killing the Nezumi and his linked oni. The Chuda believed that sacrifices must be made. [2]

Spying the Imperial Palace Edit

Isoruko and Daigotsu Rekai commanded ancient gaki in Toshi Ranbo to spy on the Emperor for the Shadowlands. In return Rekai would bring war upon this land once more. [1]

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