Chuda Inisi 
Chuda Inisi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173, month of the Serpent 
Parents: Un-named Scorpion father

Chuda Inisi was a tainted shugenja of the Spider Clan.

Family Edit

Inisi's father was a Scorpion warrior and his mother a prostitute. When he became an adult, his mother's lies had stirred in him a loathing for the Scorpion Clan. These feelings made him join the Chuda. [1]

Abilities Edit

Inisi did not hesitate to consume the fallen comrades too weak or wounded to continue fighting. [2]

Death Edit

In the month of the Serpent of 1173 [3] during the Destroyer War, Hojyn surprised Inisi at the Three Man Alliance Plain where a minor clan unit was being slaughtered by a Destroyer force. He helped Inisi sacrifice his own life to raise an undead army from the fallen samurai and defeat the Destroyers. Ironically, Inisi's father had died at the first Battle of Three Man Alliance Plain, fighting the Mantis Clan. [1]

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