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Chuda Hitaka

Chuda Hitaka

Agasha Hitaka was an elderly Shugenja of the Dragon Clan, who became Tamori Hitaka after the Agasha defection. He fell into the corruption as the servant of Tamori, the Dark Oracle of Fire, becoming Hitaka. He later joined the Chuda family as Chuda Hitaka.

Agasha Defection Edit

Agasha Hitaka was an honorable man who served his lord Agasha Tamori. When Agasha Gennai betrayed Tamori and led most of Hitaka's family to the Phoenix, Hitaka stayed. [1]

Corruption Edit



After the War of Spirits, Hitaka swore fealty as Tamori Hitaka to Tamori's daughter, Tamori Shaitung, the first Tamori Daimyo. This was a farce, because Hitaka had been present when Tamori had fallen and become the Dark Oracle of Fire, and he had followed his lord in his corruption. [1]

War of Fire and Snow Edit

After Tamori devised the War of Fire and Snow against the Phoenix, Hitaka goaded Mirumoto Junnosuke to fight back against the Phoenix, causing the bloodied Battle of Ki-Rin's Shrine. [1] Hitaka fought at Mirumoto Tsuge's side many times in the war, so he easily lured Tsuge, actually the General in command of the defense against the Phoenix, to a cave where Tamori was waiting them. The Oracle forced Tsuge to give him permission to destroy the Phoenix Clan. [2]

Defeat Edit

Tamori began to plot his attacks further, employing Hitaka to steal genealogical information of every noble Dragon and Phoenix bloodline over the past twenty years. He desired to kill the most promised members in the new generation of both clans. [3] Tamori was eventually defeated by his daughter and the Elemental Masters. Upon the ascension of Chosai as the new Dark Oracle of Fire, Hitaka fled south into the Shadowlands as Hitaka. [1]

Chuda Family Edit

Hitaka was hiding among the Lost, and he joined the Chuda family as Chuda Hitaka shortly after Daigotsu had elevated Chuda Mishime as the leader of the reborn family. After the Destroyer War the Chuda felt betrayed by the deal made by the Dark Lord with Empress Iweko I. Hitaka followed Mishime deep into the Shadowlands to continue their twisted rituals. [1]

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