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Chuda Choro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 401 
Parents: Chuda Yoharu 
Siblings: Two un-named brothers 
Children: Chuda Tamihei, Chuda Shinobu 
Titles: Snake Clan Champion

Chuda Choro was the Snake Clan Champion.

Family Edit

Choro had two brothers, a son, Chuda Tamihei, and a daughter, Chuda Shinobu. [1] He was the grandson of Isawa Chuda. [2]

Clan Champion Edit

While he was daimyo, he removed the Snake Clan further from the public eye to increase the effectiveness of their hunters. Later in years, he was stuck by a sudden illness, perhaps from experiments with maho. [2]

Shuten Doji's Temptation Edit

When Choro became sick Tamihei did everything to help him. However, nothing worked and Tamihei drew the attention of a Shuten Doji. The Shuten Doji offered to help him cure his father, but Tamihei refused for seven years. One night, Choro summoned Tamihei in the height of his sickness and asked to finally be granted peace. This finally led Tamihei to fully summon the Shuten Doji. Seven days later, Choro was dead and Tamihei had sacrificed his sister, Chuda Shinobu to bring the Shuten Doji and himself to full power. [3]

Preceded by:
Chuda Yoharu
Snake Clan Champion
? - 401
Succeeded by:
Chuda Tamihei


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