The Chronicles of Empress Iweko depicted the events in the first years of Iweko I's reign, during the War of Dark Fire.

Known Excerpts Edit

“The Army of Dark Fire surged into the Empire, driven by the hatred of the Dark Oracle of Fire. The defenders on the northern border were swept away like leaves before a fiery gale.” [1]

“From east to west the samurai of the Empire girded themselves for war, and answered the Empress's call to do great deeds in her name. The skies were filled with the banners of the Great Clans.” [2]

“The Phoenix drew on their power and vast knowledge of the elements to cut the invaders off from the Dark Oracle's awful power.” [3]

“The forces of Jigoku could not withstand the strength and honor of the Empress's armies. The Army of Dark Fire was broken and driven out of the Empire.” [4]

“The Empress declared a great celebration to mark the victory, and the Champions of the Great Clans were honored with invitations to her court.” [5]


  1. Inferno (Celestial flavor)
  2. A Time for Action (Celestial flavor)
  3. Celestial Vision (Celestial flavor)
  4. Celestial Alignment (Celestial flavor)
  5. A New Year (Celestial flavor)

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