The Tale of an Age, the Chronicles, were written by the Scribes [1] recording the most important events of an age. [2]

Destroyed Edit

During the Day of Wrath the libraries were destroyed. The Ashalan poured all the known knowlegde over the Ra'Shari, to keep it safe until this knowledge would be necessary again, the day the No-God, the Jinn Lord Kaleel would return. [3]

Keepers of the Chronicles Edit

The task the Ashalan had passed to the Ra'Shari, to keep safe the chronicles, forced them to become a nomadic people, all the time moving near the Burning Sands in their caravans. The Chronicles consisted in 2,500 pages with all the knowledge to defeat Kaleel. So great amount of knowledge was distributed in fourty-nine Chronicles of fifty-one pages each, which were memorized by a distinct family. It become the most important tradition of the Ra'Shari, the Keepers of the Chronicle. [4]

Ra'Shari Edit

The knowledge the Ra'Shari gathered was said to be a chronicle of all that had happened. [3] To possess such knowledge would be a great and terrible thing. [citation needed]

Ki-Rin Moto Edit

The Moto Clan gathered this continuing verbal tradition to give to Kami Shinjo on her return. The Great Chronicle of Age was a record of the greatest heroes of the Burning Sands Moto. [5] [6]

Known Keepers of the Chronicle Edit

Living Memory  ? - 1132
Qer Apet 1132 - Present


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