Created by: Unkown
First used by: Gusai
Currently in the possession of: Mantis Clan

Chousen was the Ancestral Armor of the Gusai family.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Chousen was a suit of Light Armor extremely light and flexible, and was crafted to hold an array of small weapons in loops and pockets. A piece of the spirit of Gusai family founder, Gusai, lingered on the armor, urging the wearer to take on noteworthy opponents. [1]

History Edit

Mantis Heirloon Edit

The armor passed from Champion to Champion of the Mantis Clan during three generations. When Gusai Rioshida was killed as traitor to the Emperor, his succesor Yohihotsu placed the suit of armor on display at Kyuden Gotei. [1]

Back to Duty Edit

After two generations the armor was worn again by a man named Munemori, who used it in battle against enemies of the Crane Clan, the Scorpion at that time. When he wore the armor into combat Munemori was faster and more ruthless than before, and he used to challenge high-ranking Scorpion officers for personal combat. Munemori died under mysterious circumstances several years later, but the armor would be worn by many later Mantis Clan Champions, until was lost when Yoritomo wore it during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. [1]

Recovered Edit

Somehow the Scorpion clan recovered it and the armor was presented to Yoritomo Aramasu by Scorpion spies in the guise of ronin. The former Scorpion easily recognized the trick and accepted their offer of seppuku, volunteering to stand as second for each of them in turn. [1]

Known Wearers Edit


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