Chiyu family
Patron family: Tamori family
Clan: Dragon Clan
Founded: (c. 1150)
Daimyo: Unknown

The Chiyu family was a vassal family in service to the Tamori family of the Dragon Clan.

Origins Edit

After the Clan War the Phoenix Clan increased its ranks with ronin shugenja. Many of them were not seen worthy by the Isawa, mainly those who had studied what the Phoenix considered "peasant magic". These shugenja banded together under the leadership of a former Dragonfly, by the name Chiyu. They claimed a deserted mountain village on the border between Phoenix and Dragon lands as their own. [1]

Healers Edit

The ronin thrived in Herbalism and water magic, focused on the healing arts. They were renowned healers whose services were in high demand, and quickly the Phoenix attempted to gain their fealty, pointing out that they were living on Phoenix lands anyway. The Seppun family returned one of the many favors they owed to the ronin healers, and the Chiyu were allowed to keep the lands. [2]

Founding Edit

Shortly after the War of Spirits, the fledging Tamori family laid claim to the former lands of the Agasha. Chiyu and his follower swore fealty to the Dragon, and in return Chiyu was named daimyo of his own family, with Shiro Chiyu as their ancestral home. [3]

Duty Edit

The Chiyu were the finest healers in Rokugan, at the disposal of their clan. [3]

Chiyu daimyo Edit

Chiyu 1150 - ?

See also Edit


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