Born: Unknown 
Died: 1168

Chitik was a nezumi Namefinder of the Third Whisker Tribe.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Chitik was a tall, slender Nezumi with elegant black fur. He had a collection of fine Rokugani clothing. His desire for more things was unquenchable. [1]

Pup Edit

Chitik was a pup when he learned that humans had all the best stuff. After an irritating Otomo courtier departed a crab fortress, its Lord ordered everything in the man's suite thrown out to forget him earlier. Chitik saw all the treasures the human gathered. [1]

Blackmailing the Humans Edit

Chitik blackmailing the humans

Chitik blackmailing the humans

Chitik had not enough raiding trash heaps, and began to trade directly in the marketplaces. When he found the human could be threatened through the Name Magic and the legend of the Nametakers, he could convince someone to bribe him instead the risk of his name to be permanently stolen by Chitik. That manner of magic was beyond his power, although he had often convinced humans otherwise. Chitik concealed these activities from his elders. [1]

Death Edit

In 1168 Chitik was part of the rescue group that found the Emperor Toturi III at the Tomb of the Seven Thunders deep in the Shadowlands. They fought an horde of oni sent by the Demons to destroy the Emperor in the Battle of the Tomb, supported by an army of Lost. A human requested Chitik to steal the name of a gigantic oni, Yojireru no Oni. The nezumi knew he could not, but even under these circumstances, he could hardly reveal his secret. The demon had an incredibly strong Name, and many other smaller Names besides. It was as if it devoured them. Chitik was spiritually connected with the oni, and the human took advantage of it when he struck Chitik down, killing the Nezumi and his linked oni. Chuda Isoruko believed that sacrifices must be made. [2]

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