A Chitatchikkan

The Chitatchikkan were a rare breed of nezumi berserkers. It meant Brave-bold-fearless-sunlit-warrior-with-great-skill. [1] They used to practice the martial art known as Mochatchikkan. [2]

Fear in the Nezumi Edit

The Nezumi had no word for "coward," and saw fear as a symbol of strength. A Nezumi who acknowledged fear but acted bravely had powerful Name. A warrior with no fear did not recognize danger, and could bring greater danger to the tribe through foolishness. [3]

Oddity Edit

The Chitatchikkan were born without any sense of fear or restraint, and as such could be very challenging as pups. With maturity however they became great assets to any nezumi tribe, being unsurpassed warriors among the nezumi. [4] They were considerated unfortunate nezumi, but instead to be ostracized they were trained as berserkers who never surrendered and never retreated. [5]

Duties Edit

The Chitatchikkan were nest guards, protecting pups while the hunters were away. During times of war these mad berserkers were used with great discretion. Scouts determined whether unleashing the Chitatchikkan would only cause greater trouble. The Crippled Bone Tribe was notorious for its unusually high number of Chitatchikkan, and their eagerness to dispatch the berserkers in swift surgical strikes. [6]

Chitatchikkan Techniques Edit

Chitatchikkan 2


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