Chisaijutsu was a minor martial art developed by the Order of the Tessen at Toshi Ranbo. [1]

Origins Edit

The constant combat of Lion and Crane forces in Toshi Ranbo had taken a terrible toll on its populace ever the decades. An brotherhood of ronin took up the tessen as their weapon of choice, named themselves the Iron Fans, and protected the peasants in their city. The Iron Fans used the tessen to disable opponents' attacks while they waited for an opportunity to strike. [1]

Style and Purpose Edit

Chisaijutsu was a flowing, elegant art that used wide, sweeping quick, precise strikes that target weaknesses in the opponents defense. Its defense relied mostly on parries, redirection, and deceptive movements. The primary purpose of chisaijutsu was to disarm and disable an opponent without serious injury. Most practitioners combined it with another fighting style to provide more direct strikes. [2]

Training Edit

Training was a difficult prospect, as the movements required were highly unorthodox. [3]

  • A novice learned to use its defensive properties more effectively than the casual soldier trained in the tessen's use.
  • Advanced students began to understand the untapped abilities such a weapon possessed.
  • A master learned to create a deceptive defensive screen around himself, masking his movements behind the dance of the fans.

Known Advanced Maneuvers Edit


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