Chirtk was a nezumi scrounger of the Grasping Paw Tribe.

The Mad Ronin Edit

Chirtk was saved by a Mad Ronin, and walked with him since then. He tried to make him remember who was, listening to his ramblings. When his companion saved another life, of the Ide Daimyo Ide Tang, the nezumi bargained with the Ide aid to recover the mind of the ronin. Tang was well known of several pieces of information the madman still retained, and made all them work. The ronin was Bayushi Kageki, and had provoked the dead of his family, who were executed as members of the Shadowed Tower, betrayers of the Scorpion Clan Champion. Their corpses were at the Traitor's Grove, and the regret made Kageki became mad. Chirtk lost his companion who returned with his kinsmen completely healed. The nezumi traded with Tang a mask that once was owned by Snak. [1]

Blood Hunt at Toshi Ranbo Edit

In 1166 Chirkt was in the tunnels beneath the Imperial City, Toshi Ranbo. His curiosity as scrounger led him to see a bloodspeaker ritual in a room hollowed out beneath a larger hut. A Emerald Magistrate was tied up in the middle, and bore several wounds. Chirtk was fascinated by the sacrificial blade wielded by a cultist, making a sound that uncovered him. The Nezumi thief rushed into the chamber, darted across the room and up the stairs. He burst out onto the crowded city street, causing many to shout in alarm. Chirkt also heard citizens shouting and running into the building, discovering the hidden cultist cell. [2]

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