Chio was peasant and a Maho-tsukai.

Family Edit

Chio was an old blind peasant woman who looked after the water-wheeled mill of Koujou village and lived in a small hut attached to the building. Her grandson Higaisha often helped maintain it. [1]

Bloodspeaker Edit

Chio was corrupted by Asai, a monk of Yasurugi Monastery and leader of a Bloodspeaker cell in Naishou province. He taught her the ways of maho, and Chio eventually became the most powerful maho-tsukai in the cult, seizing control of the cell. Chio stole Asai's obsidian amulet, embarking the cultists on a parade of blood sacrifices, intended to enhance the power of the amulet. She appointed a young beautiful maiden, Yuri, as her deputy, and her granddaughter Amiko joined the cult. Chu the carpenter was another cultist, and Amiko seduced in to the cult a samurai, Miya Kuboti. [2]

Exposed Edit

The crimes eventually escalated and began to affect the samurai of the sample cluster of ten small villages located near the monastery. Chio had been making many sacrifices to her amulet, feeding its power. A group of samurai sent by the Governor Miya Ansho discovered and destroyed the cultists. [3]

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