Born: Unknown 
Died: c. 1133 
Titles: Kolat Master

Chinoko was a geisha madam and a Kolat Master prior to the Clan War [1] known as the Trigger. [2]

Kolat Edit

Chinoko born in squalor, and grew up in the streets through petty crimes. The kolat took her and Chinoko embraced them and their philosophy, as something which resembled home for her. [2]

Demeanor and Appearance Edit

Chinoko was an iron dragon-lady, ruthless, intimidating and completely set in her ways. She would destroy anyone who tampered the kolat goals. She had a little body covered with muscles, dressed in tight black robes and wore strange jewelry from the Unicorn [3]

Criminal Empire Edit

Chinoko was the mistress of a crime boss, who she killed and earned his position. Chinoko commanded a criminal empire, with gambling houses, opium dens, and other vice activities. She cemented her ties with the Yasuki family to avoid persecution. [2]

Kolat Sleepers Edit

Chinoko took the charge of sleeper placement and activation. She sent the kidnappers after the sleeper was selected, did the Mind Breaker and smoothly returned the sleeper to Rokugan. Chinoko usually triggered herself the Sleeper Agent and watched the mission staying near or through the Oni's Eye. [3]

Blackmailing Hoturi Edit

Chinoko menaced Doji Hoturi with her knowledge of his affairs [4] on Bayushi Shoju's wife.

Infiltrating Ryoko Owari Edit

In 1128 Chinoko donated generously to rebuild Teardrop Island following the Crab attack on Ryoko Owari Toshi the previous year. It restored the geisha quarter to new grandeur, under her control. Soon her spies and informants were established throughout the city. [5]

Hidden Temple Edit

In 1132 she was keeper of the kidnapped Doji Shizue when the storyteller was imprisoned in the Hidden Temple. Chinko saw the Assault on Otosan Uchi throught he Oni's Eye. [6]

Death Edit

Chinoko was lost before the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, [7] possibly murdered by the Shadows.

See also Edit


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