Chin'tch was a Rememberer of the Crippled Bone Tribe.

Stained Paw Edit

Chin'tch was was on patrol with a Ratling Pack and clashed with nezumi of the Stained Paw. All Crippled Bone were killed but Chin'tch. They saw the Memory sticks and made a deal, to spare his life and he remembered the Stained Paw Tribe, they would not be forgotten. [1]

Nir'um'tuk Edit

Chin'tch traveled with Nir'um'tuk of the Crooked Tail Tribe to see again the Stained Paw Tribe. When they reached Mat'chek he requested Nir'um'tuk to tell the story of Crooked Tail and how they fought the Lying Darkness. He wanted the Stained Paw saw an opportunity to change their dark way. [1]


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