Sacred Bell

A Sacred Bell

The Chimes of Purity were crafted during the formation of the Brotherhood of Shinsei. A shrine was built in each corner of the Four Temples at Kyuden Seppun [1] to place each of the four huge ceramic bells, covered with inscriptions from the Tao, and the names of the temples: Daikandaiji, Yakushiji, Asukadera and Kawaradera. [2] The relics were tended by the temples' monks. [3] So great was their purity that their tone was said to bring pain to the creatures of the Shadowlands. [1]

Taint Attempt Edit

In the Month of the Ox of 1127 it was opened the 11th Black Scroll, [4] the Doom of Fu Leng, inside the temple during an attempt to taint the bells, which was foiled by a group of wandering samurai. [5]


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