Children of the Last Wish

The Children of the Last Wish

The Children of the Last Wish were created in 1149 by Asako Sagoten to protect Isawa's Last Wish from Hantei XVI and others who would use it for selfish purposes. They killed Hantei's men when they tried to secure the Wish. The Children of the Last Wish were spirits made of void, and acted as eyes and ears for the Last Wish and were responsible for healing the insanity that was brought about by the Last Wish's loneliness. [1]

Appearance Edit

The Children were spirits of pure Void, which resembled tiny, beautiful samurai women dressed in form-fitting armor who spoke the language of the Kami. Some noted the resemblance the Children borr to Isawa Akiko. The Children somehow gained the ability to reproduce. [2]

Abilities Edit

They could disrupt the harmony of the mind and soul, defeating an opponent only with a glance. [3] Like the Wish, the Children were curious, childish, and naive. They did not enjoy violence, and fled rather than face conflict. They would enter combat only if the Wish ordered it. [4]

12th Century Edit

Shiba Aikune Edit

When Shiba Aikune returned in 1159 with Isawa's Last Wish the Children came with him. [5]

Tamori Edit

Tamori, the Dark Oracle of Fire, discovered a method of corrupting Children of the Last Wish and turning them to his own will. Such unfortunate specimens were identical, but Shadowlands creatures. [2]

Destruction of the Wish Edit

After the destruction of the Wish the Children had appeared in Gisei Toshi and since then pressured the Elemental Council to remake the Last Wish. [6]

Tsudao's Tanto Edit

In 1200 the Children of the Last Wish appeared in the Seven Temples of the Seven Fortunes. They told Isawa Akime that Gisei Toshi would be doomed because nobody had sought Isawa Genma, who had left the city to find the Isawa's Last Wish, only to be slain by thieves who seized the Wish. The priestress vowed to seek the Wish, in order to atone their failure. [7] Genma had been killed by Yoritomo Minoro, who had seized a Golden Tanto, the last remnants of the Wish. [8]

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