The Children of the Frozen Peaks was the most secluded yobanjin tribe. They made their home the most remote snow-capped heights of the Northern Wall Mountains. [1]

Customs Edit

The Children looked different, with their skin deeply tanned, and their language was radically different, having their own syllabic writing system rather than logographic characters. They weaved beautiful carpets as a tribute to the spirits of the mountains. Youngest members had a carefree existence because the tribe believed the laughter of children was pleasing to the gods. They breeded mountain yaks, for milk, wool, and as beasts of burden. [2]

Extinct Edit

The Children were the favored vassals of the Dark Oracle of Fire, after Chosai took residence among the Yobanjin tribes. They were the first among his legions to bear his gift of everburning flame, charring everything in their path before finally succumbing to death. They were considered extinct after the War of Dark Fire. [3] Some Yobanjin hopep that other, smaller similar off-shoots might have survived hidden in the mountains. [2]

Known Members Edit

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