Children of Midnight was the Ashalan sahir school. They were called Son of Midnight or Daughter of Midnight, according the gender of the Ashalan sahir. [1]

Duty Edit

They were the priests, teachers, and doctors of their race. They knew all the Gods of every pantheon of other cultures the Ashalan had met. They also were advisors to their brethren. They were asked counsel before any important decission on an Ashalan's life. [2]

Lady Fate Edit

They worshiped Lady Fate, because despite all calculations and planning, there were things out of their control. They decided the date of festivals or events using dices. They accepted the fate on their lifes, but they considered the Fate would not dominate own's destiny. [2]

Hired Edit

They knew many languages, religions and cultures, and they well suited to be hired as ambassadors and translators at Medinaat al-Salaam. [1]

Known Technique Edit

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