The Temple of Child's Innocence was located in the lands of the Unicorn Clan, a few miles from Shinden Horiuchi and the Kojiin orphanage, [1] tended by the monks of the Order of Innocence. [2]

Purpose Edit

It was originally founded by the Brotherhood of Shinsei to help the Horiuchi family tend orphans of the Clan War and the War Against the Shadow. Despairing orphans would draw what strength they could from themselves, often having no other source to draw from, and this would break the spirits of many of them. At Child's Innocence, the Brotherhood along with the Horiuchi family attempted to make the path from grief easier for their wards. [3]

With a little support from caring adults, most of the children overcame their sorrows. Many where taught the rudamentaries of Shintao and most could tell of how the insights of Shinsei and the Brotherhood resonated in their own lives. As an appreciation for life and the ablility to communicate it were skills the Brotherhood wished to develop in its members, the role of Child's Innocence gradually evolved and changed from providing comfort to the young to teaching people how to help each other. [3]

Tradition Edit

Monks assigned to Child's Innocence learned to see the world through the eyes of a child, and learned to see how precious and rare the perspective of a child was. The temple was supported largely by donation from noble classes. [4]

Training Edit

Schooling the Tao of Shinsei was the only formal training. Initiates were expected to learn how and why children felt more deeply and more openly than adults. The monks primary duty was that the children were watched over and educated. Martial arts were also widely taught. [4]

Sensei Edit

The head sensei was usually also the head administrator, mostly for logistical reasons. Replacements were chosen from the various monks serving there, although usually, the head sensei would designate her replacement before leaving. [4]

Destruction Edit

During the Destroyer War the temple was burned to the ground to try to halt the spread of a plague. It was never rebuilt. [2]

Known Sensei Edit


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