Please note: This article is about the 12th century ronin. For other uses of the term, please see Chikara (disambiguation).
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Seppun Oishi

Chikara was a ronin bushi.

Demeanor Edit

Chikara was mindful, dutiful, and attentive. He was all that was good in the Seppun family. [1]

Ronin Edit

Chikara 2

Young Chikara

Chikara was the son of Seppun Oishi, but he left his name behind in shame when Toturi I died in 1158, and became a ronin. [2]

Oishi's death Edit

Chikara travelled with him, until Oishi died in 1173 at Taiki Mura during the Destroyer War. During his last moments on the battlefield he apologized to his son for passing along his shame and then gave him his blade as his last action. His father's commanding officer, Kakita Sadaka, then offered him protection. [3] Sadaka presented him as his hatamoto, as a way to encourage a boy that had lost his father shortly before. [4]

Chikara 3


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