Born: 1107 
Died: Unknown

Chikamichi, most commonly known as Shortcut, was a rickshaw driver in the Fisherman and Merchant Quarters at Ryoko Owari Toshi. [1]

Magistrate's protege Edit

Shortcut became the protege of the city's Emerald Magistrate, Matsu Shigeko, and continued with Ashidaka Naritoki, who replaced Shigeko. [1]

Growing up Edit

Shigeko gave Shortcut a sense of justice and morality, but mostly he did what he did because it was cool. [2] When in 1120 Shigeko left the city Shortcut was only thirteen years old. [3]

Death Edit

Shortcut was interested in the criminal known as Ryoko Ninja, which proved to be his demise. [2]


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