Chibumitsu, the "spirit of the howling soul", was a spirit which haunted the village of Mimura. [1]

History Edit

A lecherous man who had betrayed his lord and murdered his family, was removed from his hands and eyes. Before he could be killed he bit out the lord's throat and ran into the woods, never to be seen again. The cursed family was stricken from any historical records and their home was burned to the ground with the lord's prized yojimbo still inside. Mimura was later constructed on the lord's land. [1]

Appearance and Powers Edit

Chibumitsu was a deformed, screaming spirit in a constant state of anguish and torture. It woke its victims from their sleep with horrifying dreams that included being swallowed by thunderous noise and rotting away in a shuddering wave of decay. Those who were haunted by Chibumitsu even once find sleeping a full night nearly impossible. Chibumitsu was unaffected by spells of any kind. [1]


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