Isawa Chenko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1198

Isawa Chenko a water shugenja of the Phoenix Clan.

Sumai Fan Edit

Chenko was a sumai enthusiast, becoming an animated, manic lunatic in the presence of a sumai match. He was also quite a passing sumai practitioner himself. [1]

Colonies Edit

Chenko behavior was inappropriate in the eyes of most Phoenix, and he was sent to the Second City. There he was recruited to form a group of samurai who investigated [2] on behalf of Otomo Haruko the odd behavior of Doji Nikaitsu. Their investigation put them under the trail a powerful ashalan, the Crystal Wind, who had been attempting to extend his mental control over the Second City. [3] They scoured the Colonies in 1198 for the place where the Crystal Wind was in deep slumber, alongside Kyoya, the monk Buraindo, Raya and Ide Kamino. Kyoya and Chenko were lost before the rest of the group realized the Ashalan had awakened. No one returned. [4] Another group of samurai managed to fight those men the Ashalan had enthralled with his sigils, [5] and the creature was dead, pierced by one of its own strange weapons. [6]

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