Born: Unknown 
Died: 1134 
Parents: Old Man of the Mountain 
Siblings: Fatima,
Adira (adopted)

Chandra, the "Hammer", was a Daughter of the Mountain and her father was the first Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan.

Assassin Edit

Chandra was the bearer of he Black Star. [1] In 1125 Chandra failed to kill an Ebonite, and his father tasked the mission to Fatima, her elder sister. She succedeed, and the Old Man gifted her with the Wicked Moon, the assassin lengendary dagger. [2]

Jackal Edit

Chandra was enraged and came to the Temple of the Black Stone to kill Ebonites, to force a fight between them and her Order, so the Old Man's faith in Fatima could diminish. Before she reached the temple the Monkey Man appeared and recruited her to the Jackals. Chandra sought the aid of Shala, another of her sisters, to plot against Fatima and told about her new allies, which would become her demise. Shala told it to Faida [2] and her sister passed the information to their father, because Faida believed Chandra had betrayed the Order. [3]

Caliph's death Edit

Chandra 3


Chandra and her sister Shala led one of the Assassins Factions, the Traditionalist. After Adira became the new Caliph in 1134 Chandra confronted Shala's ruling. [4]

Death Edit

Chandra was found death this year. [4] Faida despised the her Jackal loyalty, and took her sister's life. [5]

External Links Edit

Chandra 2



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