Champion of the Moon 
Born: 1132 
Died: 1132 
Titles: Champion of Onnotangu

Champion of the Moon was the avatar Onnotangu, lord Moon, created to spread the influence of the Lying Darkness at Otosan Uchi, and acted as yojimbo of the maddened Emperor Toturi I.

Shinjo and Otosan Uchi Edit

In 1132 the Kami Shinjo and the Empire forces marched to the Assault on Otosan Uchi. Shinjo learned of the Lying Darkness and its hold over Toturi. [1] The Imperial City had become dark and bleak since the return of Toturi. [2]

Champion of Onnotangu is Created Edit

Empowered by the web os shadows the Great Sea Spider weaved over the Imperial City Onnotangu manifested a mortal avatar known as the Champion of the Moon. He would strike down those who would challenge the mad Emperor. His forces would be the Minions of the Darkness, who infested the city slaughtering the mortals. [3]

War in the Heavens Edit

The assembled armies of the Empire reached the Imperial Throne room where they faced the Champion of the Moon. Tsuruchi stood in the Emperor's window, aiming his bow at the heart of the Moon's avatar [1] and fired a Crystal Arrow [4] but Tsuruchi's arrow did not fly true. Isawa Hochiu stepped forward with his father's sword but was flung away by the Champion of the Moon with a gesture of contempt. [5] Matsu Turi raised his sword screaming Matsu Tsuko's name, [1] but he was defenestrated for his troubles. Bayushi Hisa fought using the tricks he had stolen from the Shadow, but failed to win him the day. Moto Amadare charged but the force of the Moon flung him away. [5]

Death Edit

Takao faced the Champion of the Moon at the same time as Hitomi faced Onnotangu. Just as all seemed hopeless Takao reached enlightenment during the battle. [2] and flooded Onnotangu's Champion with the power of Void [5] defeating the champion and breaking the shadow's control over the city. [2]

Aftermath Edit

The death of Onnotangu's avatar weakened Lord Moon, and Hitomi was able to kill him. [2]


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Preceded by:
Champion of Onnotangu
? - 1132
Succeeded by:
Obsidian Dragon

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