Champion of Onnotangu was the avatar that represented the heritage of Lord Moon, Onnotangu, in the Mortal Realm.

Champion of the Moon Edit

The first avatar was called the Champion of the Moon, and it was created in 1132 to protect the maddened Emperor Toturi I. The Kami Shinjo learned of the Lying Darkness and its hold over Toturi and had assembled a combined forces of all the clans in the Assault on Otosan Uchi. It was killed by Takao in a epic fight in the Imperial Throne room. [1]

Obsidian Dragon Edit

Lord Sun, Yakamo, was attracted by the deeds of the Jade Dragon, and gave it his blessings. It created an imbalance in the Celestial Heavens which was restored in 1167 when the Obsidian Dragon was borne as the last true child of Onnotangu. It and the Jade Dragon were called the Eighth Dragon. [2]


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