Ch'tppu'kich, or "Our Glorious Sanctuary and Hiding Place of the Great Shining Hoard", was the main warren of the Grasping Paw Tribe. [1]

Location Edit

The warren could accommodate nearly a hundred Nezumi. It was located west and slightly north of Razor of the Dawn Castle, where the Twilight Mountains met the Plain of Desperate Evil. [2]

Sacrosanct Edit

It was considered a sacred place among the nezumi race, and its location was a carefully guarded secret. From there the tribe sent its scavenging parties out into the lands of the Crab and Falcon Clans, and even into the territories of other tribes. [3]

Layout Edit

External View Edit

The warren resembled nothing so much as a large pile of rocks that resulted from an avalanche or landslide of some sort. Resting against a cliff with a very steep grade, the warren rested upon an open stretch of ground with a semicircle of thick scrub brush. This brush was deliberately placed there by the Nezumi and served to screen the warren from the eyes of most passers-by. [2]

Outer Layer Edit

The first layer was the rock pile itself, and a series of stable tunnels were established through the rocks, all leading to the central cave. These tunnels allowed them to dart quickly from one concealed opening to the next, jabbing at enemies with spears or other weapons. Several exits existed from these tunnels, all of them concealed, and rocks could be rolled to block the entrances. [4]

The Warren Proper Edit

The initial tunnel sloped downward to a large cavern that served as the tribe's communal room. Dozens of smaller tunnels led off into small alcoves that served as "mounds" for individual Ratling family units. These chambers frequently had a sort of privacy screen constructed from cast off bits of wood and debris. [5]

The Shining Hoard Edit

The second cavern was larger even than the tribe's communal area. The only means of entry was a single tunnel which led straight down from a corner of the communal room. It contained the largest hoard in the history of the Nezumi race, [5] an enormous treasure trove of items gathered by the Grasping Paw scavengers. [3]

Founding Edit

Ch'tppu'kich 2


In the 11th century the legendary Nezumi Scavenger Sktch fouled a goblin tribe which was occupying the cave, claiming it for his tribe. [6]

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