Ceremony of the Hidden Heart

Ceremony of the Hidden Heart

The Ceremony of the Hidden Heart was a ritual that gave the immortality to those who performed it, becoming the Khadi, and in the process their hearts were removed, so they were also known as the Heartless.

Performer Edit

The performer, usually a sahir, should be tied to a ritual space inside the Hakhim's Seal according the modified ritual of Chephren. The seal subtituted the Seventeen Concentric and Nine Concentric Paeans to Anpu, the "Immaculate Judge" of the Ten Thousand Gods, following the original ritual of the Book of the Dead. The life of the unsconscious performer began to drift from his mouth. [1]

Heartless Edit

The ritualist removed the heart of the performer, and sometimes it awoke. For that reason he had to be tied. The heart was planted inside the chest of another individual of the same race than the performer. This step should take less than one hour, or the ritual would fail. When the heart began to beat again, it was removed once more, and the performer was now a khadi. As a side effect the individual who was the host of the heart became a ghul. [1]

Rokugani Edit

At one time the ritual used to create khadi was known only to four Rokugani men, Iuchiban, Yajinden, Daigotsu, and Isawa Sezaru. Of these four, Yajinden and Iuchiban were known to be a khadi themselves. [2]

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