The Ceremony of Souls was the magic ritual that passed the one of the twelve souls of the Ashalan race from one individual to another. [1]

Passing souls Edit

In all the Ashalan race only twelve of their members were ensouled, which were their rulers, the Council of Twelve. They were the unique that would have children, and the souls were the Ashalan knowledge of the past. To avoid the risk of lose one soul, when an Ashalan had to take a long journey or any other dangerous activity, his soul was passed to another individual. [1]

Ritual Edit

The ensouled and the future host were inside a circle with the tattoos of their lineage and the bond with the original Council. They remained inside the circle during one complete week, in meditation. The soul passed from one to the other, and it could be painful. [1]

Loss of many souls Edit

The Ashalan did not perform this ceremony before they fought the Jinn Lord Kaleel, because they needed the knowledge of the souls during the fight. Many Ashalan died and only three souls remained. [1]

Balance Edit

Midnight, one of the original ensouled, was deadly wounded by a jinn of the Kaleel's Legion. He was obliged to transfer his soul to a human, Hakim Yamen, in a highly painful way. The process took minutes, and the man later became the Ebonite Balance and member of the Council. [2] It was the first time a soul had been moved out of the Ceremony. [1]


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