Centuriae was a Destroyers unit more lithe and mobile than the normal one, and made use of vastly more advanced tactics. [1] They supposed to be Yodotai Centurion units aligned with Kali-Ma, [2] who appeared to have been created from captured Yodotai. [3]

Fighting the Crab Edit

In the month of the Serpent of 1172 [2] Crab warriors were completely cut off by the centuriae until the arrival of the berserkers of Amoro's Legion, who managed to repel them. Hida Sozen vowed that he would kill the gaijin officer who commanded the enemy during this engagement. [4] In another engagement a centuriae detachment attempted to flank the southern front. They were turned back by Sozen and his Legion, working together with the sohei of the Order of Venom. [5]

Fighting the Crane Edit

Later reports of Centuriae appearing along the coast not far from the ruins of Otosan Uchi, in the Crane lands near the Spine of the World Mountains, and on the peninsula near Earthquake Fish Bay. [5] A ship was scuttled by the Hiruma Stalkers with the Centuriae still aboard, and those who grounded near the Spine of the World Mountains, in the Daidoji lands were turned back to the sea by Ikoma Wardens and Lady Doji's Eyes combined force. [6]

Fighting the Unicorn Edit

From the Western Wastes arrived the Centuriae to attack the Unicorn Clan in the Western Steppes. They were repelled by Khol and Junghar forces. [7]


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