Celestial Jitte 
Celestial Jitte
Created by: Shiba Tsubeko
First used by: Hakai
Currently in the possession of: Emerald Magistrates

The pair of ebony Celestial Jitte were crafted by Shiba Tsubeko.

Test of the Master Smith Edit

The Fortune of Steel, Xing Guo, selected a Phoenix, Shiba Tsubeko, to craft the Jitte in the Celestial Forge to be given to a suitable hero. [1]

Abilities Edit

The Celestial Jitte inflicted additional damage against Shadowlands creatures. If separated, the weapons automatically rejoined one another, either teleporting to each other's side or returning to their last wielder's hands. [2]

First Wielder Edit

In 1158 Skub, a goblin commanded by Hakai, murdered Tsubeko and stole the jitte. [3] Hakai wielded the jitte to at the Test of the Jade Champion held at Kyuden Nio, causing much pain and suffering. [4]

Oracle of Jade Edit

The Jitte were kept in Daigotsu's Throne room, within the Temple of the Ninth Kami. In 1159, during the Fu Leng's assault on Tengoku, the Dragon of Jade came to Rokugan and ended his travel inside the Jitte. He sensed a non Shadowlands individual, Omen, and made him the Oracle of Jade. The new Oracle took the Jitte and escape from the City of the Lost. [5] The new Oracle 

Asahina Beniha Edit

In 1170 the Jitte were gifted to Asahina Beniha. A ronin told Kakita Hideshi, Beniha's yojimbo, a fable about why he passed a treasure from an unknown patron. The Jitte were turned over to the Emerald Magistrates as he saw it as a possible threat to his charge. [6] By that time, it was enchanted with a spying spell by Daigotsu and the Spider Clan was responsible for the jitte to reach Beniha. The reasons behind it remained obscure. [7]

Known Wielders Edit

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