The Celestial Agonies was the text written by Goju about his research into the Lying Darkness. This text was lost to Rokugan when Goju was consumed by the darkness. It was also known as the Black Text. [1] The Scorpion had no record of it among their secrets, the Ikoma Libraries did not know of it and even the Emperor's records did not contain a copy of the Black Text. [2]

Known chapters Edit

The beginning told how Onnotangu and Amaterasu named all the things but one, a little slip of nothing, which did not want a name. [3]

  • “The blackness of night only conceals a greater Nothing. We hide in your nightmares, abandoned by the light. Do not fear the servants of shadow, but the Shadow itself...” [4]
  • “Even nothing is something. This, however, is truly Nothing.” [5]
  • “There is no end to Nothing, and no beginning. All has come from it and all will return.” [6]


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