The Cavern of Gold, or Deep Earth Sanctum, was a zokujin sacred cave of the Zesh Tribe. It was located beneath Dragon lands. [1] The Cave, located in the Tamori Tunnels, was the place selected by the Dark Oracle of Fire Agasha Tamori as his lair. After Tamori was destroyed, the power of the Elemental Terrors still lurked in the fiery depth of the Oracle's former lair. [2]

The Dark Oracle's Sanctum Edit

Agasha Tamori spent a great deal of time in this cave and his presence is still felt there, most notably in the form of several columns made of searing flame. These columns still burn without smoke or fuel and extend from the blackened floor to the ceiling of the fifty-foot high chamber. The air in the chamber is parched, searing hot, and difficult to breathe.

A group of carefully shaped stones forms a spiraling, stepping-stone stairway leading up to a large stone pedestal. On this pedestal rests a crude throne made of volcanic glass. The throne appears to have been badly cracked and chipped, as if from a storm of stones. This throne still holds echoes the Dark Oracle's taint and those who sit on it risk becoming tainted themselves. [3]

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