Reinforced Cavalry

Reinforced Cavalry

Kimabusha, the cavalry, [1] were some the most formidable units found in Rokugani armies, and would normally be comprised of select, highly trained, samurai.

Types Edit

Cavalry types generally fell into four categories, Mounted Infantry, Light, Medium and Heavy. Cavalry units usually employed long spears or lances used from horseback which gave them an advantage against infantry and their high mobility on the battlefield enabled them to be decisive weapons when used to exploit gaps or weakenesses in the ranks of their foes. [2]

Mounted Infantry Edit

Mounted Infantry had the perfect combination of speed, mobility, and solidity among all kind of infantry troops. [2]

Light Cavalry Edit

Light Cavalry were lightly attired to allow them more speed and mobility and were usually employed as scouts or pickets. Light cavalry were usually found away from the main body of an army on reconnaissance duties. [citation needed]

Medium Cavalry Edit

Medium Cavalry were the average type of cavalry troops, using polearms, swords and wearing armor. They were usually found on the battlefield in large formations arrayed in support of the army. They were usually reaction type units, moved and directed so as to take advantage of, or deny the enemy the use of their cavalry formations. They needed to be mobile but protected enough to be useful in general melees. [citation needed]

Heavy Cavalry Edit

Heavy Cavalry was equipped with well armored troops and horses and had less mobility but more durability in combat. They could be used in direct attacks on infantry units or other cavalry to break through their lines and allow follow on troops to exploit the holes created by the swift, crushing ability of their charge. Heavy cavalry untis were considered the most elite and expensive formations on the battlefield. [citation needed]

Cavalry in the Clans Edit

Lion Clan Edit

The lion was the second clan to use cavalry. Akodo himself saw an use for the Rokugani ponies, and used the beasts as equipment. Lion scouts rode ponies performing reconnainssance, patrol, and flank protection. They used yari as their polearm of choice. [1]

Unicorn Clan Edit

The Unicorn Clan were noted for being the most adept users of cavalry in the Empire. They treated their mounts as if their were soldiers. [1]

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