Cat of Many Tongues

Cat of Many Tongues

The Cat of Many Tongues were cats of the Burning Sands who bore a link with the Jinn, the children of the smokeless fire. [1]

Abilities Edit

These cats had eyes which glowed in golden bright at dawn and at dusk. They managed to speak the human languages, and to translate. They repeated all that was saying two men, and each of them would heard it in his own language. Their link with the Jinn made that those who were near the cats had an additional protection. The Jinn would not use their powers near one of these cats. [1]

Selqet Edit

Selqet with a Cat of Many Tongues

Selqet with a Cat of Many Tongues

Selqet, the woman knew as Bayushi Kachiko in the Emerald Empire, was able to speak to the people of the Burning Sands with the aid of a Cat of Many Tongues. [2]

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