Carpenter Wall Falls 
Carpenter Wall Falls
Location: Kaiu Wall
Date: Month of the Horse of 1159 [1]
Major Forces: Crab Clan,
Generals: Hida Kuroda,
Battles of Rokugan

Carpenter Wall Falls was the assault of the Kaiu Wall by the Shadowlands forces under the command of Daigotsu. Six towers were taken and the Crab Clan Champion was murdered by the Onisu of Fear, Kyofu.

Tsuno Magic Edit

Tsuno Soultwisters used the presence of the Onisu to inspire nightmares among the Crab troops, and then used the Crab's nightmares to open a passage between Yume-do and the mortal Realm. This allowed the Onisu to slip past the Wall unnoticed. [2]

Kuroda's death Edit

In an attack on the Crab Wall Kuroda and his guard were attempting to join it's defense when they were ambushed by Kyofu, the Onisu of Fear. Kuroda told his guard to continue on to the seventh watch tower and leave him to face the beast, and gave to Hida Reiha the broken ancestral katana of the Crab. In an attempt to take down the beast Kuroda relied on Kaiu traps but they had no effect, and Kyofu tore down one of the traps and struck Kuroda with it, crushing his insides. In a last attempt to hinder Kyofu, Kuroda activated another Kaiu trap to collapse the corridor and his assure the safe escape of his guards. [3] [4] Kuroda's body was captured by Daigotsu. [5]

Aftermath Edit

Six of the towers of the Kaiu Wall fell, [2] Hida Kuon became the new Crab Champion, and Kuroda's body was merged with Kyofu, becoming a vessel for the Onisu. [5]

Known Casualties Edit

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