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Cannons were gaijin devices which used gunpowder to launch a projectile at high speed. They could be used as siege engines or onboard ships.

Merenae and Thrane Edit

The Merenae and Thrane Kingdoms had the technology to produce firearms. [1] Rokugan first saw the cannons during the Battle of White Stag when a gaijin fleet led by Garen Hawthorne used them to kill the Empress Hantei Yugozohime. [2] These cannons fired solid cannonballs. [3] Since then, the use of guns and cannons had been strictly forbidden in Rokugan. [4]

Shadowlands cannons Edit

In the Battle of Broken Waves the tainted ship Bitter Flower was seen with living beast cannons. They did not use gunpowder to fire their volleys. [5]


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