Candle of Shadows 
Candle of Shadows
Created by: Isawa family
First used by: Isawa
Currently in the possession of: Kitsune family

The Candle of Shadows was an artifact retrieved from the Tomb of the Seven Thunders by Yoritomo Katoa and brought to the Mantis Clan by Tsuruchi Etsui. [1]

Abilities Edit

The Candle nullified all attempts at divination at its location when lit. This included divination by those present with the Candle, as well as divination targeting the Candle's location. Those in the light of the Candle were also unable to lie. [2]

History Edit

Creation Edit

The candle was created by Isawa artificers as a minor aid in divination and to allow the user greater use of their own magical abilities. [3]

Day of Thunder Edit

Connected to Void by exposure to powerful magics and hidden away in Gisei Toshi, the Candle was taken by Isawa during the Day of Thunder and eventually found its way to the Tomb of the Seven Thunders. Its exposure to the pure energies used to bind Fu Leng had awakened the item and made it far more powerful than the Isawa originally intended, creating a sort of window into the Void. [3]

Mantis Clan Edit

In 1168 Etsui took it from the Tomb during the Battle of the Tomb. The most powerful of the Moshi used it carefully in an attempt to see the future of the Race for the Throne and to divine the Mantis' role in the Empire. He studied the candle with the shugenja Moshi Amika [4] which revealed the inscription along the candle read; "An extinguished candle offers no light, a lit candle casts no shadow." [5]

Fox Clan Edit

Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Naizen sent the Candle to the Fox Clan as a gift to help protect them from the Sons of Winter bandit group, who were searching for the prophet Kitsune Narako. This gift was instrumental in convincing Fox Clan Champion Kitsune Ryukan to join the Fox to the Mantis as the Mantis' fourth family. [2]

Secret Knives Edit

Inside the Candle, Tsuruchi Etsui found a small silver baton that concealed two small knives that only he could open from inside the baton. Any of its other powers were unknown. [6]

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