Candas, the City of Freedom, was the sleeping underwater city of the Chameleons. It was a wealthy city, both in gold and in art. [1]

Awakening Edit

Candas 2

Candas (N6)

Candas was built far beneath the waves, near the southern coast of the Rokugani Empire. [2] Naga magic filled the city with breathable air, and sometimes, when the sea was still, Candas could be seen through the surface of the water. Mischievous young Nagas sometimes played tricks on Crab and Mantis sailors passing through the area, turning their ships on false courses or sneaking aboard and tampering with navigational equipment. [3]

Ningyo Keepers Edit

It was protected by Ningyo, allies of the Naga, during their Great Sleeps. [4] [1]

Thousand Years of Darkness Edit

In the nightmare realm known as the Thousand Years of Darkness the city of Candas was the last Naga city remaining. [5]

External Links Edit

  • Candas (Thousand Years of Darkness)


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