Please note: This article is about the main Ide Emissary dojo. For other uses of the term, please see Calm Heart Dojo (disambiguation).

Calm Heart Dojo was the most famous Ide Emissary dojo, among the finest institutions for courtly training outside the Crane lands. It was located south of Shiro Ide's walls, on the shores of Chrysanthemum Petal Lake. [1]

Founding Edit

After the Return of the Ki-Rin the school was first formed with hired courtiers from other clans, who shared their expertice in the Rokugani ways, to whom the Unicorn was not accustomed. The Gentle Guard Dojo split off few years later, to teach the courtly games, as go, and shogi. [2]

Training Edit

The way of peace was emphasized in everything the school taught. It was present in the art and dominated the dojo's basic curriculum. However, the Ide would not sacrifice everything for peace, and they would use military might or manipulation at courts to see justice done to those who would harm the Unicorn. [1]

Tradition Edit

The most promising pupil of each year maintained Ide Tadaji's room, the most famous student and Ide Daimyo in the 12th century. While Tadaji was alive, these pupils were granted an audience with the great courtier at the end of their term. Tadaji's longstanding connection with Shosuro Taberu allowed that each year two promising students from Calm Heart Dojo and the Dojo of Lies were exchanged between the schools. [1]

Benefits Edit

Members of the Dojo had a reputation for being skilled diplomats, were known for defusing violent situations, and particularly good at getting parties to compromise. [3]

Notable Students Edit


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