Calixto Cornejo was a gaijin from the land of Merenae. He was the grandfather of the first Esteban Cornejo, who became a retainer of Yoshitsune and great-grandfather of Alhundro Cornejo and Rodrigo Cornejo, as well as the second Esteban Cornejo, who helped the Crane Clan fight the Ashalan.

Fires of Toshi Ranbo Edit

For thirty years, Calixto was plagued by visions of Alhundro trapped in darkness and screaming for release, Toshi Ranbo in flames, and a catastrophe that would destroy Rokugan. Calixto thought these visions came from the magic that ran in the Cornejo blood, [1] but they were actually a summons from the Naga to bring the younger Esteban to Rokugan to battle Ashalan forces. [2] The Cornejo's fortune and position in the Merenae court had dwindled, and these visions made Calixto to be seen as insane by his king. [1]

Lost Descendant Discovered Edit

In 1164 Calixto received news from an unknown descendant in Rokugan lands, his great-grandson, Rodrigo Cornejo. Rodrigo had struggled to learn what he could about his gaijin blood. Through sporadic correspondences dispatched through the Burning Sands, he eventually made contact with Calixto. The old Cornejo sent his other great-grandson, Esteban Cornejo, to find him. Rodrigo, who had been made thrall by the Ashalan, met his end when he set off a suicide bomb in an unsuccessful attempt to kill his cousin Esteban. [1]


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