Byoki no Oni

Byoki no Oni

Byoki no Oni, Harbinger of Pestilence, [1] was an infectious oni covered in pus and mucus. The goal of Byoki no Oni was not to fight attackers, but spread its infection. The oni could spread its disease by a single touch or spattering blood and pus. If not treated within three days by a purification ritual, the infection would turn the victim into a Plague Zombie. These zombies were also covered in sores that carried the disease and pus. [2]

Second Day of Thunder Edit

In 1128, during the assault on Otosan Uchi by the combined forces of the Great Clans, in the Second Day of Thunder, a pack of Byoki no Oni made a savage pincer maneuver against the Phoenix forces. The pack was defeated by the timely arrival of a band of Scorpion bushi. [3]

Time of Demons Edit

During the Time of Demons these oni were used by The Maw as an effective tool for him in his struggle against Daigotsu and the Lost, because they were vulnerable to pestilence. [4]

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Byoki no Oni 2

Byoki no Oni


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