Bunya sano Asahina

Fields of the Morning Sun

The Fields of the Morning Sun (VVV) were just south to the Yasuki palace. The fields were considered sacred and no battles were allowed on it. [1]

Temple to Jurojin Edit

Fields of the Morning Sun

The fields during Winter

The great Temple of Jurojin which was located on the beaches of the Fields of the Morning Sun was open to all who wished to come and meditate. The plain was often visited by prospective herbalists and shugenja made the journey to learn the healing arts from the resident monks. [2] Many Asahina believed it to be their duty to make a pilgrimage to this site at least once a year to encourage the blessings of the Fortune. [3]

Battles Edit

The only battle recorded was the Battle of Bloodied Honor, where Doji Hoturi killed his doppleganger during the Clan War. [4] [5]

External Links Edit

Fields of the Morning Sun 2

Fields of the Morning Sun (VVV)


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