Brother of Rebirth

Brother of Rebirth

The Brothers of Rebirth were once members of the Temple of Osano-Wo in the City of Lightning. At Osano-Wo's command, the Fortune of Fire and Thunder, they had sworn to obey the will of the new Fortune of Rebirth, Tsukune. [1]

Tsukune Ascends Edit

In 1158 during the Night of Thunder's Kiss, the storm grew suddenly quiet and the monks silenced themselves as well. Something again boomed through the Celestial Heavens, but this time it was a voice only those on the temple grounds could hear, the offer Osano-Wo made to Shiba Tsukune to become the Fortune of Rebirth. When the Phoenix Clan Champion ascended to Tengoku half of the monks remained where they were. The other half slowly walked, one at a time, to momentarily pray before the altar of Osano-Wo and then left the temple to begin their new path to enlightenment. The Brothers of Rebirth had been founded by Osano-Wo's command to devote the new fortune. [2]

Temple of Tsukune Edit

They devoted the Fortune in the Temple of Tsukune, [3] a small monastery in the Phoenix mountains, a few miles south of the City of Remembrance. [4]

Beliefs Edit

The Brothers believed that for those who embrace the Tao of Shinsei, there could be no death. They were sworn enemies of the Shadowlands, believing that the corruption of Jigoku was a terrible perversion of the kharmic cycle, being completely immune to fear. [4] The monks of the Order believed mindless devotion to habits and needless repetition of empty ritual chipped away at the soul; they encouraged others to find ways to renew themselves daily. [5]

New enlightenment way Edit

Still defenders of the temples of Rokugan, the Order of Rebirth had rededicated themselves to finding enlightenment through understanding the cycles of the world. They sought to be “reborn” themselves and found that potential in others. To do this, some had begun teaching their skills to any who would listen. Others had become personal sohei to samurai and shugenja, traveling the land in search of new learning. The only price they asked was to be taught in return, to attempt to glean something new from each soul they encountered. Eventually they would learn enough to become enlightened or at least they would improve their chances for enlightenment in the next life. [2]

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