Heaven's Wing Initiate

Heaven's Wing Initiate

The Brotherhood of Heaven's Wing was a group of Phoenix who possesed the correct blend of spiritual fortitude and martial skills. [1]

Tradition Edit

Known as Heaven's Wing Initiates, they were not as renowned as the more elite units within the Phoenix, but had their own unique gifts. The group was an ancient, if somewhat secret group that was dedicated to the cause of personal excellence through brotherhood. The members encouraged one another towards greatness, and tolerated no weakness or failures. During its long history the group had never admitted any female members, something many capable Phoenix samurai-ko looked upon with resentment. [1]

Spear Duelist Edit

The order sent invitations to join the brotherhood to the most promising practitioners of the spear dueling, the naginata-kaiwa. [2]

Untested Art Edit

Heaven's Wing were dojo fighters and kata exhibitionists, they had never seen true battle until the Battle of Treacherous Pass in 1200. [3]

Notable Members Edit

Shiba Unasagi was a known member of the Brotherhood of Heaven's Wing. [4] [5]

Known Techniques Edit


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